This Is Appendix 102 From The Companion Bible

The Synonymous Words for
"Will" And "Wish"

by E.W. Bullinger

   The difference between these two words is important; and, in the occurrences of each, this Appendix is referred to.

   1.  thelo means to wish or desire, and is the emotional element which leads to the consequent action. It is therefore stronger than boulomai, because the natural impulse is stronger than the reasoned resolve.

   2.  The Noun thelema must also be noted, with the same distinction from boulema, as denoting the desire rather than the resolve.

   3.  boulomai, though it sometimes means much more, yet has reference to the result of thelo; videlicet the deliberate determination, whether in accordance with, or contrary to, the original wish or impluse.

   4.  In like manner the Noun boulema is to be distinguished from thelema (Number 2) as denoting resolve, counsel, or determination, rather than the wish or desire. Boulema occurs only twice, Acts 27:43. Romans 9:19. The Noun, boule, with a similar meaning, occurs twelve times. For illustrations of the differences see Matthew 1:19. Mark 15:9,12,15. Romans 7:15, etc.

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