The human hand, a living illustration of the eons
by E. Lynwood Crystal.

The human hand is a living illustration of the great time periods in which God's hand is seen in the Scriptures. There are five eons, or "ages," even as we have five fingers. Four great judgments separate them, even as we have four spaces between our fingers. This makes a "handy" chart which may be used to explain the time divisions in God's eonian handiwork.

In making the eons God had a definite and fixed purpose (Hebrews 1:2; Ephesians 3:11). He carries it forward, unwaveringly, from "the beginning" to the "consummation." The eons are carefully discriminated and their limits clearly indicated.

Everyone carries with them a diagram of the eonian times. Put up your right hand as indicated by the picture. See how vividly it illustrates the guidance and control of Him "Who is operating the universe according to the counsels of His will." Note what each finger represents. Use it in explaining the truth to others. The striking similarity between the human hand and the eons of God's purpose is indeed impressive. The thumb and forefinger are like the eons of the eons, and may be called the fingers of the fingers, and the thumb, in turn, is, like the eon of the eons, the finger of the fingers - the complement of all the fingers.

Unsearchable Riches (1928), Volume 19, page 342


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