Peace Be Still!

by Joseph A. Freeman

[editor's note: this article appeared in the January, 1939 issue of Unsearchable Riches]

ANOTHER YEAR has gone. Our eyes are still fixed on that portion of the Divine Calendar so clearly marked as the era of Grace.

Close at hand looms the day of wrath. Just how near we are to the border line, none can say. While Grace is still being lavished upon the saints, the poor world is beginning to quake.

Men's hearts are failing them for fear, all their plans seem to go astray, they want to build a city and a tower as of old, but an Unseen Power frustrates their purposes.

Some twelve months back the lake looked fairly calm. Today great storms are raging. God's clock moves steadily on. Only the saints are secure. They alone enjoy peace.

Our Lord Jesus is in the boat and all is well. So long as Paul was in the ship all was well with the mixed crew. And so today amidst all the terrible happenings, let us take courage. Nothing can possibly happen until the era of Grace has run its course. We need not be distressed even for the poor old world, for all will arrive safely on land, even though on perhaps just broken pieces of ship. He willeth not the death of a sinner. He must eventually be All in all.

So, as we travel along the highway of the year of Grace 1939, may we keep our minds stayed upon Him, and may we keep our eyes fixed upon that portion of the Divine Calendar which is so especially ours, the era of Grace. Let us talk of peace, and may His peace preside in our hearts. Peace--be still!

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