by Joseph A. Freeman

Our Father asks first for the presentation of our bodies. Our eyes must see all through Him, our ears must hear only echoes of His will, our lips must speak forth His praise, our steps must be ordered by Him. Every organ of the body must be tuned in to please Him and produce perfect harmony with His will, just as we tune in our wireless sets. One hair's breadth to the right or left may bring discord, not discord to the Announcer, but discord to us.

There is much in our daily walk to prevent our correctly tuning in, but it is not the new mind that is out of order, but the old mind warring against the new. May we all tune in better in 1937 than we have in 1936. Since it will be a year of outside interferences, even more delicate tuning may be necessary, for the air is fast filling up with the powers of the air, unseen enemies.

No new parts will be required in our wireless set, for we are made perfect and without blemish, but very delicate tuning will be needed to keep ourselves in perfect peace. God grant us more grace as the great powers of evil give vent.

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