Who is a Saviour?

by Wim Janse

There is a lot of confusion about the question, "Does the salvation, achieved by Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, need any addition?" Do we have to do something on top of what Jesus did? Do we have to "choose", "accept" in order to get it "working"? Is Jesus the Saviour, or do we save ourselves by what we do?
Below, you will find two descriptions of a saviour. It is for you to decide what type Jesus is.

Suppose.... you are in the water and about to drown. On the bank is a fireman....

Saviour A
Saviour B
... who asks, "Do you want to be saved?"
You think for a while and say, "Yes!"
Then the man says, "Here is a life-jacket, put that on!"
You put that life-jacket on and the man pulls you to the bank of the canal and on dry land.
... who doesn't hesitate for a moment
He takes off his uniform and jumps in the water.
With powerful strokes he swims towards you and grabs you.
With you in his firm grip, he swims to the bank and brings you on dry land.

Saviour A is the saviour that is preached by the traditionalists. He is the saviour who is available, who offers salvation, who has the means. But is up to you to decide if you want to be saved.

Saviour B is the saviour we can find in the Scriptures. You are being saved, because.... the decision to save you was taken, by God, even before you were born! It has nothing whatsoever to do with your will, but with His!
Our Lord cried out on the cross, "It is accomplished">(John 19:30). With that he showed that He is a saviour of the B-type. Don't ask, act!

Much of the idea behind the thought that Jesus is a type A saviour, originates in the doctrine of the so-called free will. One way or another, one thinks that man has to add something to what has already completely been achieved.

Many people think that God, because He is Love, will go in conference with us about our salvation! This is not true. Have you ever seen a father who first starts to consult with his child that is in the water and about to drown? Or asks his child whether it wants to be saved?
Of course not! He jumps right in and gets it back on the safe shore!!
God is no different! Love can be gentle, but when necessary, it acts! And how necessary it was!!

What God has done to save us, through the blood of Jesus Christ, is more than sufficient and needs nothing extra! When we think we need to do something, even as little as "accepting," we deny that the work on the cross of Calvary was sufficient and we downgrade Christ to be no more than a possible Saviour, Who completely depends on our cooperation in order to save us, thereby, in a very real sense, giving us whereof to glory in the process of salvation. This is very wrong and contrary to Scripture (Eph.2:8-10)!

©Wim Janse

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