"If It Depended On God"

by A.E. Knoch

LIKE a lightning flash which illumines a dark landscape, the above words discover the apostasy of evangelical, Bible-defending, zealous, "believing" Christendom.

In a representative publication we read, "If it depended on God, all would be saved."

But, alas, despite their own protests to the contrary, they actually hold that salvation depends upon man, and God is helpless, as He was in the case of Saul of Tarsus, who is our pattern!

Here we see how unbelief has entered into the very heart of Christendom and prevails among the elite who are believers, so far as their own salvation goes, but who, nevertheless, give man, and not God, the decisive voice in salvation.

How thankful we should be that God is able!

We can say triumphantly, "Since it depends upon God, all will be saved!"

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