by A.E. Knoch

IT IS WRITTEN concerning these last days that the leaders of religious movements will not tolerate sound teaching. This should always be borne in mind in the search for truth. Error has gained such a grip on us that it is often called "the truth," and the truth is denounced by calling it such names as "speculation," "gnosticism," "heresy," and many other false terms, simply because men cannot bear even to think of it as truth. The thought that they have been teaching error all their lives is intolerable. Have their great and good men been wrong? Has Christendom been wrong
for centuries? All of these questions, intended to make the truth intolerable to others, only show that those who utter them are included in this Scripture. Beware of them!

Bear with intolerable doctrines. Search the Scriptures to see if such things may not be so. The fact that a doctrine seems intolerable does not prove it to be wrong. Rather, it proves that it may be right. Here is a valuable way-mark from the spirit of God.

In my early days I was warned against many great truths, as so bad that they should not even be considered. The "non-eternity heresy" was spoken of as an intolerably false doctrine. So with others. Only constant and intimate contact with the Scriptures has enabled me to overcome my aversion to them. The "intolerable" teaching has proved to be the most glorious truth. Give good heed to intolerable truths, but beware of those who ridicule and denounce them. Cleave to faith in the written Word alone.

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