by A.E. Knoch

MANY QUESTIONS arise in our daily walk which cannot be settled by a definite passage in God's Word.  Then it is that we can obey Paul's injunction,   "Become, then, imitators of God, as beloved children"  (Eph.5:1).   If we are fully aware of God's present plan in  this  secret administration of transcendent grace, we will  never be at a loss for light to guide our steps aright.

     Those who pick up a passage at random in any part of  the Bible will, alas, be led astray by the very torch in  which they trust. We should be  so suffused with the spirit of God's present operations that we   intuitively act in  harmony  with them.

     This should show the immense  practical value  of a  clear and correct knowledge of  present truth.  It is especially important to grasp  the heights and  depths of God's grace, for it alone can give us the power  to turn it into practice.

     May we never appeal to a lower standard, as exhibited in other administrations!  May we always walk in accord with the greatest and highest revelation of God's love, as it has been revealed to us, only in Paul's epistles to the nations!  Only so can  we please Him in our walk and praise Him in our worship!

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