Minus times minus is …

by Andr้ Piet
December 24th, 2012

This morning I saw the following mail in my mailbox, written by a well-known acquaintance and friend of the Good News. With 100% agreement, I'm happy to post it on the site:

Good Morning Andre,

I suddenly saw the light!

Sometimes it just needs a bit of time;) Or as is often said, It takes time to digest things. …….

I had to think of your many expressions about negative things that happen in a lifetime. You are comparing them with minuses that are not yet completed to become pluses.

And it's true, wherever you look, negative things happen again and again ………

Suddenly I saw the connection! In mathematics I learned that a minus times a minus equals a plus ………. As a student, I could not immediately understand this, but the calculator taught me that this was true!! Multiplying two negative numbers gives a positive number, whether or not you believe it, or whether or not you can grasp it, it simply is so!

Regardless of how many negative experiences we have in our life, which we do not understand and concerning which we do not see the point, yet (!!!!) we may rely on His Word that all turns out positive :)

A lovely day!!



Translation: Peter Feddema

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