A Titanic-feeling

by André Piet
April 11th, 2012

Following a discussion on a (private) FaceBook page of a group of Christians, I wrote the following comment:

With questions such as, "How can we involve the youth?" or "How can we make the services more attractive?" or "How can we entice people to get out of bed on Sunday morning? I always get a strong "Titanic-feeling": this is a sinking ship. To keep the boat afloat, the band tries to play different songs, the captain is attempting a different tack – but all to no avail … the rock solid faith is gone – vanished.

The essential question is reversed: What could possibly be so exciting for many people to come and enjoy it? Of course, I'd rather see a full than an empty house, but since we are called to proclaim the most wonderful Good News, we disqualify ourselves the moment the question, "How can we entertain people the best?" (> Gal.1:10), becomes important. As if we are a business that has to get rid of a product! We have a Good Tiding to share – and although hardly anyone listens, for those who believe, it does remain a very good message. And because it is a good message, we continue to tell it. With pleasure! Upon this is based the right of the ecclesia to exist. If not: enjoy sleeping in on Sunday morning!


Translation: Peter Feddema

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