by W. B. Screws

[We take the liberty of publishing the following without permission. It was sent to us by a friend, unknown to the writer].

MR. MAURO has set up a man of straw and has knocked him down with all ease. So far as I am aware, no one has accused Jesus Christ of either uttering or advising any word of sedition against Caesar. That the kingdom was heralded, and that it was rejected by the nation to which it was heralded, is clear. The kingdom was not postponed, for the "before-placing" of the eons provided for the rejection of the message.

But that God had the message proclaimed just as if He thought it might be accepted is quite evident. That He knew it would not be accepted, is believed by everyone who recognizes God as God. When Christ said, "My kingdom is not of THIS world," He clearly implied it will be of some other world. Only one world (KOSMOS, system) exists at a time.

Heaven is not called a world. THIS world began when this eon began, and will end at its consummation. When the next eon begins, there will be another world (system), and the kingdom will be of that world. And in order that it shall be so, Christ will fight and will kill many thousands of people. He will fight against the very kingdoms that are like Caesar's. The kingdom cannot come during this eon, for it is not of this world.

W. B. Screws                    

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